About Meli Calkins

Meli Calkins has been painting with soft pastels for the past 30 plus years. Her mother worked as a commercial artist and taught Meli how to observe what she saw in her world and would interpret it with drawings and paintings on paper and canvas. Of all the types of media that she has had an opportunity to work with, her first love was and always has been painting with soft pastels.

Why soft pastels? In her own words she states; “I love the brilliance and intensity of color that pastels are able to display. Being able to lay and mix the colors directly on the canvas is more appealing to me than mixing colors on a pallet.”

Meli loves interpreting the beauty of nature along the California Central Coast and Utah which gives her the inspiration to compose paintings where a person feels they could walk right into and be part of the painting. She also has a special love for the grace and power exhibited by the world of horses.

Meli recently moved to Utah Valley in 2017 and will be enjoying painting the beautiful vistas that are in Utah.  Meli is a member of the Intermountain Society of Artists and the Utah Valley Artist Guild.

Born and raised in Southern California, her paintings can be found in homes in Canada, Virginia, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and along the California Central Coast as well as in Southern California. She recently moved to Utah Valley, Utah.

Meli is currently a member of the Intermountain Society of Artists.