About Meli Calkins - The Artist

Meli Calkins has been painting with soft pastels for the past 30 plus years.


“Cambria Evening”

The sky was on fire in November when I was visiting Cambria for a few days. Each evening was a spectacular show of vivid reds, pinks, cerise, yellows and blues. The ocean sparkled with the reflected light.  It was fun to paint.

“Lehi Field in November”

I now live in Utah, which presents a whole different pallet in colors in the winter.  This is a field in Lehi which I found very interesting in the pale yellows and cool blues when the sun was setting. The trees still had their leaves, but they had also turned silvery grey and yellow. By December all the leaves had fallen to the ground.

On the Trail

“On the Trail”

This was an exercise to to keep my pastel strokes loose with an impressionistic background.  It turned out very nice.

“Impressions of Thanksgiving Point VI”

Every year, Thanksgiving Point  Ashland Gardens located in Lehi, Utah has a tulip festival. Thousands of tulips, daffodils, crocus, and other spring bulbs are blooming from late March to early May.  This is a 50 acre park that has formal and informal gardens to visit and enjoy. This was a fun painting to work on.