About Meli Calkins - The Artist

Meli Calkins has been painting with soft pastels for the past 30 plus years.


“Equine Impression II”

I have always loved horses but could never have one since I lived in the city.  So I took to sketching and painting them. This is an impression of horses moving on a trail single file.

Shadow on the Rock

This is a soft pastel of a rock formation east of Moab, Utah.  The clouds were casting shadows on the rocks, and I love how the shadows played on the colors in the rock formation.

Albion Meadows Winter II

Above Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is east of Salt Lake City and host to several ski resorts is Albion Meadows.  This is a favorite spot for hikers and is easily accessed from the ski resorts.  This is the first snow in winter.



Koi fish are so colorful and fun to watch.  In a well maintained pond, the water is crystal clear so they look like they are floating in air. The water is only visible if there are bubbles or the koi come to the surface looking for something to eat when they see someone looking at them.

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