About Meli Calkins - The Artist

Meli Calkins has been painting with soft pastels for the past 30 plus years.



“Impressions of Koi I”

I have always been fascinated with the Japanese Koi Fish. Their colors are so bright and jewel like. I found a home near by that put a fish pond in their front yard. They used the prefabricated black plastic ponds that can be purchased a garden store. The water is nearly invisible which makes the Koi look like they are floating in air as they swirl around in graceful circles.


Tangelos Galore

I have a dwarf tangelo tree in my backyard that has produces the most delicious tangelos anywhere. A cross between a tangerine and orange, the color and flavor of this fruit has the flavor of a tangerine more than an orange, but is almost the size of a orange. The colors of intense orange against the green leaves and the intense darkness of the tree’s interior make a very pretty sight to see. This painting reminds me of the late October harvest we have each year of this wonderful fruit.


Shell Beach Wave

Shell Beach is a favorite beach of mine to visit and paint. It has lots of cliffs and rocks which make a wonderful painting. This is a soft pastel of the southern part of the cove that is accessible during low tide.


Moonlight Dreamcatchers

I had fun painting this scene, imagining what it would be like to see horses running in the moonlight. This painting represents two Appaloosas running through the purple sage.